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Birmingham (nursing)        Coventry (paramedic)          Edgehill (paramedic)        Edinburgh (nursing)            Imperial (medical)             Leicester (medical)         Manchester (medical)        Newcastle (medical)      Nothampton (paramedic)       Nottingham (medical)          Peninsula (medical)          Plymouth (paramedic)        Sheffield (medicine)    Southampton (medical)Southampton (nursing)             UEA (medical)                    Warwick (medical)            Worcester (paramedic)  Olatunde Fakoya                      Ben Graham                          Kevin Chatterton                     Molly Kenward                       Mubeen Rahman                           Arlena Kuenzel                       James Durrand                      Claire Millins                        Matthew Abbott                    Shehla Imtiaz-Umer                    Halden Hutchinson-Bazely         TBC                                          Marcin Klingbajl                   Michael Eddie                         Owen Hammett                        Arwa Abdel-Aal                       Andrew Clarey                          Lucy Morrell  
East Midlands of England James Leaver (medical)            Nurse (TBC)                    Paramedic (TBC)
North East of England Claire Millins (medical)            Nurse (TBC)                    Paramedic (TBC)
South West of England Halden Hutchinson-Bazely (medical)                               Nurse (TBC)                     Paramedic (TBC)
West Midlands of England David Metcalfe (medical)         Nurse (TBC)                         Paramedic (TBC)  
 National Student Group    
 James Leaver Communications Officer

No experience is necessary to initiate and develop a student group. The only requirement is to uphold the aims of STEPUK with as much time as you can give. Although a website is suggested to provide details to the local student population it is not necessary. If you wish to become a student representative for your course please contact Only one name will be published as the main contact but a committee can be as large as the local group wishes. A main link to STEPUK is suggested from every medical, nursing and paramedic course in the UK.

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Regional groups - The aim of a regional group is to support local groups and facilitate integration between universities. They will make regular contact with the university groups and will consist of a medical, nursing and paramedic student. Only those with an active involvement in a STEPUK local group will be considered. If there is a vacancy in your area please contact

Student Affiliations:

Many local student groups exist in areas that overlap this initiative (Emergency Medicine/Nursing Societies; Trauma Societies; Surgical Societies; Paramedic Societies). makes every effort to link and support these current societies to provide a stronger inter-professional base for learning.

For further information on linking a student group to please contact

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