National Advisory Group

John Albarran

  1. Reader in Cardiovascular Critical Care, University of the West of England
  2. Editor - Nursing in Critical Care

Anthony Bleetman

  1. Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust
  2. Clinical Director Helicopter Emergency Medicine, West Midlands Ambulance Service

Tim Coats

  1. Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Leicester
  2. Chair - College of Emergency Medicine’s Research Committee

Matthew Cooke (Co-Chair)

  1. National Clinical Director for Urgent and Emergency Care, Dept of Health, London
  2. Professor of Emergency Medicine, Warwick Medical School and Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust
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Peter Driscoll

  1. Chair of the Educational Sub-Committee of the European’s Trauma course
  2. Chair of the Advanced Life Support Group

David Fitzpatrick

  1. Scottish Ambulance Service Clinical Research Paramedic
  2. NMAHP Research Unit, University of Stirling
  3. STEPUK Lead in Scotland

Mark Forrest

  1. Medical Director of Anaesthetic Trauma & Critical Care
  2. Medical Director Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service

Ian Greaves

  1. Professor of Emergency Medicine/Military

Paul Haddow

  1. Tutor in Paramedic Science, Swansea University
  2. STEPUK lead in Wales

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Marilyn Hammick

  1. Visiting professor, Birmingham City University
  2. Consultant to Best Evidence Medical Education
  3. STEPUK Lead in Interprofessional Education

Colonel Tim Hodgetts CBE QHP

  1. Defence Professor of Emergency Medicine

John Horton

  1. University of Essex
  2. State Registered Paramedic

Kevin Mackway-Jones

  1. Professor of Emergency Medicine
  2. Centre for Effective Emergency Care, Manchester Metropolitan University

Keith Porter

  1. Professor of Traumatology, University of Birmingham
  2. Chair – Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care

Andy Thurgood

  1. Consultant Nurse and Immediate Care Practitioner
  2. Mercia Accident Rescue Service & West Midlands CARE Team

Tim Williamson (Co-Chair)

  1. Foundation Doctor - University Hospitals of Leicester
  2. Former Military Leading Medic

Malcolm Woollard

  1. Professor of Pre-hospital & Emergency Care, Coventry University
  2. Honorary Consultant Paramedic, West Midlands Ambulance Service

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