Aims & Objectives


  • To increase medical, nursing and paramedic student access to the principles of trauma, emergency medicine/nursing and pre-hospital care
  • To increase interprofessional activities for students to maximise their learning potential
  • To develop links with leading organisations and specialists
  • To increase opportunities for potential healthcare educationalists to support education at a university and community level

These will be completed by:

  • Developing an active student group at all Medical, Nursing and Paramedic schools across the UK
  • Promoting the development of student education in this field
  • Promoting interprofessional meetings and social interaction between groups
  • Fostering student links with local, regional and national organisations, groups and specialists in these areas
  • Increasing student involvement in arranging and supporting events
  • Initiating student interaction in developing their own learning needs for future work
  • Introducing career guidance by local, regional and national figures
  • Increasing student opportunities to support education through developing lecture programmes and practical sessions
  • Engaging in fundraising and supporting campaigns for / with appropriately established charities
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